Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Family Picture

Well I am finally done with our new family picture. It was nice doing it this way cause I could focus on one kid at a time and try to get a natural looking pose. Try is the key word. It is almost impossible to get 4 young kids looking and smiling at the camera all at once so this was great.


I also finished our family christmas card and got it ordered. Hopefully it will come in the next few days and then turn around and get them out the door.


I can't believe how big the twins are getting. They are not little babies anymore. Sniff Sniff. Every new stage is a fun stage, (very exhausting) but fun. They are starting to say words and can really understand what you are asking them to do and usually follow simple directions. Isabella said "Gracie" (our dogs name) yesterday plain as day but hasn't repeated it again. Max will usually repeat certain words you ask him to say. Like Momma, Daddy, Baby, Doggy (sometimes). He points to his tummy, nose, ears, mouth, and of course has to stick his finger in yours as well. Isabella loves to show her tummy to you if you ask her. Isabella is also turning into Maxwell's little mommy. She wants to get him out of his highchair, help dress him and tries to control him if he is doing something she doesn't want him to do. Oh dear. Not another little mommy around here I don't know if I can handle another one.

As for Olivia and Harrison, Liv is going to be 6 and Harrison is going to be 4 on January 15. Yup they have the same birthday. 4 kids and 2 birthdays. Crazy and very exhausting. I can't believe Liv is going to be 6! I'm getting old. She lost her bottom 2 front teeth this last few weeks and is growing up so fast. She is learning to read and sometimes she memorizes the story and thinks she is reading. She calls me on the phone all by herself if there's a babysitter. It is actually fun having her a little bit older cause she is starting to like hanging out with the girls and going shopping. Oh no watch out...shopping.

Harrison is probably the most thoughtful little boy I know. I refer to him as sweetie, or honey often and he will sometimes refer to me as sweetie or honey back and usually out of the blue. I love it. Hopefully I can teach him to be a kind, loving little boy so when the day comes and he grows up it will come natural to him. Keep my fingers crossed that it works.

Thursday is my birthday and I don't know how I feel about it. I cried last year when I turned 30 so I'm hoping this next one wont be as traumatic. I don't know what is was. The fact that I wasn't in my 20's anymore or what. I know that I wouldn't want to be 20 again. Cause that has been a long hard 10 years. I'm glad to be where I am at now with my life and have gained a lot but surely wouldn't want to relive some to the trials we have been through. So wish me luck on not being depressed on gaining another year and I'm sure 10 more wrinkles to come within this next year.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cards

I have been so busy getting picture orders out it's beginning to feel like christmas for me when the delivery man comes to my door. I have also been having fun designing christmas cards for some clients. Here are a few samples.



I can't wait to get my done and out the door. I guess I can't put it off any longer christmas is going to be here before we know it. So if you get a late christmas card from me you'll know I had good intentions on getting them out on time.

It's late and I can't even think straight or spell right since I am backspacing every word...so I'll write more from the heart later.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gari Lu's beauties

I don't know if I should use this for my photo sneak peaks or my Photography blog??? What is easier for everyone to see? Here is my friend Gari Lu's family. Such beautiful children...can you please share some of that beauty?


{She didn't even order this one! But I had to put it on there. They are perfect together}




Can't wait to see these in print! Off to do more proofs:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sassy Caroline

Caroline met me for a photo date last week and she was workin' the camera. What a sassy girl. She knows she's a cutie.
We are going to order one from her session on canvas and I can't wait to see which one they pick.


I have also been busy designing a new logo for one of my clients, Christi Hirschi from "For the Love of Thread". I love this new design. It has an antiqued yet fresh feel that I know will draw people to buy her quilting patterns.


So many things are happening in our lives right now it is hard to keep everyone straight. Olivia has lost her two bottom front teeth this last week and the twins are telling me NO all of the time...hmmm I don't if I like that new thing or not. Harrison is the biggest helper with everything when he wants to be, being the middle child isn't the easiest thing to be.

Friday, November 21, 2008

So far behind!!!

I can't believe how easy it is to fall behind in blogging. I have so much to talk about and so little time. I have so many beautiful pictures to post about halloween, Isabella's quilt (just like Max's put pink), a fun filled girls weekend, and oodles of family pictures. So to start here is a teaser of my beautiful neighbor's senior pictures. She was so fun to photograph and man her skin is flawless...so jealous



So hopefulyl I can have a power blogging day and get tons of photos ready to share:) And for all of my friends you better leave a comment and say hello...and yes I will know who you are. (You know who I'm talking who).

Well wish me luck I am off to Tavacci sining performance at the festival of trees, and a late night trip to Utah to go to Tai Pan for christmas tree hunting. Fun Times for me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ewww! Gross!

This morning everyone is running every which way and the babies were playing downstairs with all the big kid toys, which is a new favorite thing for them to do. I was getting ready to comb out Olivias hair and braid it for school, but I had to get a few things done first and the kids were busy playing. Isabella came up to me with wet hair and I thought maybe Olivia sprayed her hair with the conditioner since she waiting so patiently for me. So I ran my fingers through her hair trying to comb it out. Well the next time I saw Max he had wet hair too. Hmmm. Well I didn't really think too much of it and went on about my next thing trying to get Olivia out the door for school. I asked Olivia if she had sprayed the babies hair with the conditioner. She said no Harrison did it. I asked her if Harrison had sprayed the babies hair, and she said no Harrison got it wet with the toilet water from downstairs. WHAT!!! Ewww! Gross! Isabella hair had been dripping wet and Max's hair was spiked. Great, nothing like toilet water in your hair and all over your hands. Not to mention that I felt wet spots on the carpet downstairs. Thanks Harrison for adding just that extra little spice in our lives.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Break out the sewing machine cause here I come.....

Since the weather is starting to turn cold I've started sewing. I finally finished Maxwell's quilt and want one for myself. It is so cozy to cuddle up with. I've made one for all of the kids and are in the process of being quilted. Here is a picture of Max's quilt. I also had to include Max's help in decorating his wall. When ever he wakes up in the morning or from his nap he stands up and swings the stars back and forth. He thinks it's the greatest thing. It has actually burnished the wall and has made a worn path and is darker in real life. I put Isabella in his crib for a minute last week and that was the first thing she did...swing the stars. She probably has always watched him do it and has been jealous that she doesn't have stars to swing. A coveted activity.


Also last weekend I went to The Quilt Shoppe in Rigby and bought every Portabellapixie pattern they had. It is the cutest stuff. I've never made kids clothes but this made me want to. I started with the cupcake pincushion. So cute and pretty easy.


Now that we've got those projects out of the way. I am making Olivia's halloween costume...a pink cowgirl. I've found the cutest brown corduroy with pink polkadot and pink on pink fabric to use. I'm using one of the Portabellopixie patterns for the skirt and a vest to match. This week I bought an inexpensive serger to help with all of these projects. I'm a little scared to use it. I'm just going to have to do it and learn hands on. Any advice would be great.

Well I'm off to start another project. Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Beauty

The leaves are starting to turn and it's time for those fall pictures. I didn't have to try to hard to get Olivia to model for the camera. I can't believe how grown up she is becoming.



Friday, September 26, 2008

Man where does the time go....

I still can't believe that summer has come and gone.  Buying jackets and boots...wait a minute did I just write that.  I know it can't be happening. 

Well to get started with what's been happening at our house I had really good intentions to learn how to can our home grown green beans.  I went to Rush's and bought the top of the line canner and I was ready to go.  Then I waited for more beans to come to have a good batch and then I lost that cannin' feeling.  So the ziploc bag of beans sat in the fridge for quite a few weeks and waited and waited.  Then I thought I would bottle peaches.  Hummm yeah right.   I bought a whole bunch of peaches in Brigham and brought them home.  And they are still sitting on my counter as we speak.  Good idea but no time.  

I currently have the sewing fever.  I am finishing a few quilts that I hope that can be ready for christmas presents, I learned how to sew a zipper in a little bag (which is my diaper pouch for my purse, I'll take a picture and post later), I've got aprons to sew, a new "dolly" bag for Olivia to get goin' on, and oh yeah a few other quilts.  The best of all is that I am attempting to sew new drapes for my dinning room.  Fancy ones, oh no not just your average tab top drapes that I already currently own, but ones with tassels.  We'll see if they turn out I show you.  

We already have our Halloween costumes picked out and this year Olivia is going to be a pink cowgirl, Harrison is going to be a hotdog, Maxwell is a dinosaur, and Isabella is a cute bumble bee.  We tried on costumes today and they are pretty darn cute.  

Olivia and Harrison started Terri's Tavacci Singers this last week and so far are loving it.  Their first performance will be for the festival of trees.  You are all invited to see them...if they have the guts to be up in front of a lot of people.  Olivia is still in cheer and constantly makes up her own dances daily.  

Well more rambling later, my bed is calling me.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Photography Website

A personal goal of mine was to get my own website. Silly I know but is was. So I finally did it. And you can check it out Here.  It has been fun putting it together.  Something really simple not too fancy.  Just a place to view my work.  Thanks for everyones support.  

First day of Preschool

Harrison is going to preschool.  I have been a little worried about him because the few weeks prior to preschool he would make comments that he doesn't want to go to preschool.  He is so tender hearted that sometimes the littlest things make him get teary.  So when the morning came to go I talked to him to try to prepare him that I was going to leave and come back in 2 hours to get him.  When we got there he was a little quiet and wouldn't let go of my hand to walk on the rope with the other kids to class.  So I walked with him there and when we got inside I told him good bye and that I would come back and get him in just a little bit.  He didn't even flinch.  He started to take off his backpack and sweatshirt and was ready to play.  Shewwwww!  He turned and told his teacher that he was going to be there for 2 hours.  I guess he was really listening.  



Gotta look cool for school!


Coming back from school wasn't as scary so he held on like all the other kids.


And does this face say, "I think I liked school?"

Yeah I think so too.


First day of Kindergarten.

ell Olivia has officially completed 2 weeks of kindergarten and seems so grown up already.  She is in the afternoon session and on her first day we all walked to school and she insisted on pushing the twins.  She is definitely very independent and has to do things her way whether you like it or not.  On her first day they just had a short scavenger hunt around the classroom to help them get used to where things are.  Pretty important stuff.  When she came home she said that the boy who sits next to her is kind of mean and isn't very nice to her.  Great boys hitting on her already.  Everyday when she would come home I would ask her if this boy was any nicer that day and she would usually say no, or yeah a little bit nicer.  One day she said that he put up her chair for her.  And one day she said, "I think he is learning to be nice."  She is such a sweetheart with a little bit of sass in her at home.  

She is also so ready to learn to read.  The whole first week of school she would say that she could read a certain book and when I would have her read it to me she would say the words and when I would ask her what one of the words were she was stumped.  Hummmmm!!!  What I think she was really doing was memorizing the story to pretend that she was reading.  Stinker.  She is getting better at recognizing words though.  Only time until she is reading my secret notes.  

She is taking cheerleading this fall and comes home and puts on quite a show.  Kicks everywhere.  In her younger years she has been known as the pole dancer of the family.  Gotta love that confidence.  




Today when we came home from church Olivia said, "Mom I'll take care of the babies and feed them lunch so you don't have to."  What who are you?  All of a sudden you are so big.  I recently go a fabulous calling to serve in the nursery in our ward.  Like I don't get enough kid time as it is they thought I needed some more time with babies.  But I will stick with it a just get as much time with my own 3 kids in nursery.  Yes 3 of my kids are in there at the same time.  Lucky me.  So she probably could tell that I was a little tired and stepped up to help.  Thanks Liv.  

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Long Time

Wow it has been a long time since I posted last.  Our summer has flown by.  We have spent a few weeks down in Utah at my parents house doing all the fun summer stuff.  We went to Hogle Zoo, Lagoon, twice,  and of course SHOPPING!  I can't believe that Olivia is going to start kindergarten in only 3 weeks.  My baby...is growing up.  We bought her some cute school clothes and she got her back to school haircut now all we need to know is who her teacher will be and what time she goes.  She is already starting the count down.  

Back to Lagoon.  Olivia had the best time.  She is only 5 but is tall enough to go on all but the Samari ride.  She went on the Colossas with me twice, the old white roller coaster, and wild mouse.  She loved the bat roller coaster and we had to go three times in a row and wait for the front.  Oh it was so fun.  I even tried out the new Catapult ride.  I loved it.  A human ball in a giant sling shot.  Olivia decided to sit this one out.  Although after I was done she was begging to go on it.  Next time babe.  

Be sure to check out my Photography Blog.  I have posted some fun pictures there of what I have been busy doing.  www.butterflyeyesphotography.blogspot.com.  or there is a link to the right.  Oh does anybody know how to make a link in a post here.  Like above.  I have looked and no luck.  Please help.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Messy Braids

Gotta love those messy summer braids.  After a day at the park, walking around town, and oh yeah a few days old.  What's not to love. 


Oh by the way our 3rd summer pool was destroyed on July 4th while we were blissfully watching the parade.  Guess that's the end of the pool phase for us this summer.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer = HOT

These few past days have sure been hot.  And you wont hear us complaining.  We went out and bought our 3rd pool for the summer yesterday, thanks to one of our dogs Gracie who loves to chew anything and everything up in our backyard.  There's nothing better than a cool dip on a hot summer day.

Max liked standing up in the water and if he got splashed then he really didn't like it anymore.


Isabella just plain didn't like the water and just looked cute in her swimsuit.


Here's Olivia inspecting her new summer injuries.  


She fell on her bike two nights in a row to create this beauty. (So if you like this look that is how you can get it.)


Those eyes get us every time...to do what she wants.


Harrison never stops.  He was having fun walking in our stream and of course enjoying his left- overs on his face.


My smokin' hot husband.  His eyes make my heart melt every time I look at him.


And here is Gracie.  The puppy who cant get enough of that new summer pool flavor. 


Well I better go.  There are snow cones to be eaten, diet cokes to be drank and oh yeah kids to be taken care of.  More later.

New Photography Blog

Well it is time to separate things out.  I have started my photography blog.  The address is butterflyeyesphotography.blogspot.com. There is a link on the right that will get you there.  Yes I know it is 2:30 am.  Insane.  But it is the only time I get to myself sometimes.  I'm sure some of you understand :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let it all out!


I know honey...Mommy feels the same way!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Blog remodeling

Sorry I am trying to do a little remodeling.  Hopefully be back to normal soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bloggity Blog...

I've decided that I am a bad blogger.  Life right now just doesn't allow for free blogging time. And if I do have a free moment all of my little ones follow me like my groupies and hang all over me and sit on my lap or hang from my neck or dance on my desk and kind of make it impossible to even see my computer let a lone type the right words.  For example right now my arm is being tapped and my chair has 1 5 year old and a 3 year old on the back half asking for a banana and wanting everything they can't have.  Can you hear me laughing out of almost going insane?????????  Oh and the other two are destroying my office and oh maybe breaking glass or ripping papers...I don't know I can't see because of the two monkeys on my chair.  I have almost given up on this darn thing they call blogging.  

Yesterday we rode our bikes all over town it feels like.  I could hardly move this morning when it was time to get up.  I am trying to loose a few pounds and so our new mode of transportation is our bikes.  We rode to the zoo and then walked around for hours on end.  It actually felt nice to be outside and get some exercise.  My babies are the best anyone could ask for.  They just know that I have a lot going and don't really ask for much.  As long as they have food and water they are good to go.  Isabella had a nap in the bike trailer on the way to the zoo and Maxwell had a nap on the way home.  Of course I had to take a bazillion pictures.  Here is one that is so cute.  Two brothers holding hands.

How cute is that.  I love it.  Harrison has been a great big brother.  Of course he has his moments of not being the baby anymore but he is learning to share and love regardless if one of the twins hits him or takes his toys.  You are a good boy Harrison I Love You.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super Cute Family

This family was a blast to work with.  They have 7 kids and full of fun.  {Doesn't she look great for 7}!!  Here is a sneak peak of the beautiful family they have.  More to come.  Blogspot just doesn't do justice for the beauty of the real picture.  For some reason they look a little washed out. Sorry.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Work in Progress

These last few weeks have been really busy.  I have been trying to finish up on Ainzley's pictures and a few other photo shoots.  Here is Ainzley's birth announcement.  Doesn't she look so peaceful:)  What could be more fun than this.  

I also got a new lens this week and have been practicing like crazy.  Here are some sneak peaks that I got.

These are just a few of the neat pics that I have gotten lately.  I will post more later.  

I can't believe how big the twins are getting.  We went to the park tonight and Isabella is such an independent girl.  She climbs up the stairs all by herself and goes down the little slide on her tummy all by herself.  Max on the other hand is just fine driving the metal steering wheel going nowhere.  Totally different.  We are having a little bit of sibling rivalry around the house lately.  They are starting to fit over toys and Isabella will just walk up and steal the bottle out of Max's hands if she doesn't have one.  On the other hand she is such a sweet heart too.  She will bring Max his blanket when they are tired, and she listens better than Maxwell does.  His favorite things to do are 1.  Play in the toilet.  One day I found both of them elbows deep playing in the toilet together.  And one day Max was flushing the toilet with his left hand and shoulder deep with his right hand down the hole.  Boys what joys.  2.  Pulling all of the books off the book shelf.  3.  Digging like a dog outside in the dirt and throwing it on top of his head.  

Olivia and Harrison are growing up so fast.  On saturday we got Olivia a new bike. One with gears and hand breaks.  And she did great for being only 5.  She just took off and drove that bike like a pro.  She has been on her new bike every waking minute of the day.  And wants to go on family bike rides every time I turn around.  We rode our new bikes to the new Tauphaus park on Sunday and she didn't even complain that it was too far.  In fact she rode her bike for ever even after we got home.  

Harrison is the sweetest boy.  When ever you ask him to help you he always answers with a "SURE"  and runs off to do what you have asked him to do.  He is learning to share his toys a little better with the twins.  However we have a little problem on our hands.  On saturday I noticed a big black and blue bite on Max's arm.  At first I thought Isabella might have bit him because she has bitten me before on the leg.  I put him arm up to his mouth and it could have been himself it did kind of matched.  Later that day I asked the kids if they knew who bit Max and Olivia said, "Harrison did it I saw him."  Olivia has had a little bit of a fibbing problem lately so I didn't know if I should really believe her. So I interrogated Harrison and at first he flat out denied it and as I pushed he finally caved and admitted to it.   When I asked him why he just says, "Cause".  It must be some jealousy coming out or Max has some of Harrison's toys and is definitely getting the raw end of the deal.  

We are doing 8 am swimming lessons this summer.  We started last week and thankfully we have only 4 more days.  I just can't even function the rest of the day after getting up at 7 to get myself decent and Olivia out of bed.  It just isn't natural.  Never again...8 am lessons.  Olivia also started cheer lessons for the summer to see how she likes it to continue for fall.  I don't think I will ever be able to get her out of them now.  Every day she asks,  "When do I have cheer next."  (Like the minute we leave the studio.)  Oh the things we do as parents.  

Friday, May 23, 2008

8 years of Marriage and going strong

Last Friday, May 16th, was our 8th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe 8 years have already gone by, but at the same time when I think back to when we were just married or dating it seems like a really long time ago.  This last year has probably been our toughest year during our marriage due to expecting twins last March 2007.   

However it has been the best year of our marriage because it has taught us the important things in life.  When our twins were born our son, Maxwell, had to be flown to Primary Children's Hospital in SLC when he was only 3 days old.   They found out that he had Necrotizing Enterocolitis.  Which put in simple terms is a flesh eating bacteria found within the lining of the intestines that on x-ray looks like little bubbles.  He had to be close to a surgeon so that if at any time the bacteria perforated the outer lining of his intestine they could do emergency surgery to remove that part before the bacteria spread through out his abdomen.  It was really hard to watch him go through this for he couldn't eat anything and had to have a picc line to supply all of his nutrients.  After being down in Primary Children's for only 4 days Maxwell contacted spinal meningitis.  I was still here in Idaho Falls with Isabella in the NICU and hadn't been able to see Maxwell since he left.  What a horrible feeling for any mother...I can't even explain.  In the meantime Matt has been staying down in SLC at the Ronald McDonald's house just a few miles from the hospital.  As time went on and good and bad days past for Maxwell it seemed like our lives were never going to return to being a family.  Traveling back and forth to SLC and being separated from Matt and enduring our own trials alone was really hard.  We often only had the phone to give each other encouragement to help us through to the next day.  After 8 long weeks Maxwell had finally made a final recovery and never had to have surgery.  We were able to bring him home on April 26, 2007.  What a joyous day.  It was the first time that Olivia and Harrison were able to see their brother.  (When I find some time I will post the pictures of Maxwell in the hospital.)

So needless to say this year has been the hardest year during our marriage but has greatly brought us closer as a family.  With not knowing if you are going to loose a baby any day you are truly grateful for what blessings you have been given.  With endless prayers and many tearful nights we realized that spending time with our family was by far the most important priority in our lives.  I love you Matt and will forever be indebted to you for helping me be a better, stronger person.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Exhausted and worn out...but we made it back.

Well we got back into town today around 3:45 pm.  We had the best time in Georgia.  I loved seeing the ocean and all of the palm trees.  My sister lives on St. Simons Island and it was the cutest little town.  We went to the beach every day to get as much of it as we could.  We even brought home some sand in all of the cracks on the stroller.  I already miss eating dinner outside on the patio of the restaurants and being able to see and hear the ocean.  boo hoo.  After I get things unpacked and settled down I will post some fun pictures of our adventure...and tell you a fun mini crisis story.  Till then I need some sleep.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wish me Luck...Georgia Here We Come!

Well I am off to Georgia for a week with all the kids.  Matt is staying home and my mom and I are flying to Georgia to see my sisters and brother.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  Flying with a 5, 3 and 1 year old twins doesn't sound exactly fun if you catch my drift.  But hopefully we have stocked up on enough goodies to entertain for the trip there.  I am definately looking forward to sun, fun and the beach.  This is the first time I have been on vacation since May of 2006 when Matt and I went to the Philippines and China.  Wow that has been a long time ago.  I sure with Matt was coming with us.  At least he can get the carpets cleaned and the house all cleaned up for our return.  Wink Wink!  We'll see.  Love ya Matt.  Good Luck with that.  Stay tuned for our fun activities and of course pictures of our trip.  See you all later and hopefully tanner.   

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Changed Gallery Link

I changed the link for my online gallery since it wasn't working.  Now try it and let me know it there are still problems.  Thanks.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The woes of naming a new business.

After 5 years of thinking of a new photography business name I finally found one...Sparkle Photography.  It had meaning to me and I absolutely loved it.  After I decided on it I then checked around to see if there was any other Sparkle Photographys around...and of course there was in Utah. AARG!   I was heartbroken.  I contemplated keeping the name because maybe being in different states wouldn't matter, but I don't want anyone to ever think that I stole their idea or copied them.  So after talking to some friends I decided to give up the short lived business name and do something else.  After racking my brain again for another business name I was telling Amy my friend about how whenever I have my picture taken I have a really hard time keeping my eyes open and how I have to have a zillion takes to get one decent photo.  Recently my mom commented on how I have butterfly eyes because my eyes I guess flutter in front of the camera.  So when I was telling Amy this story she stopped me and said, "That's it...you should call it Butterfly eyes".  So there you go.  I started thinking about it more and I loved it.  (Not the part of my eyes fluttering in front of the camera but the name).  What draws you to a photo?  Yup the eyes.  If the eyes "Sparkle"  (my original idea)  then you are hooked.  So after all that I am in love with my new name, 

Thanks mom for making the comment..I guess and thanks Amy for helping me see a Beautiful Name for my business.   My email address has changed to butterflyeyes@mac.com.  And my webpage butterflyeyesphotography.com will hopefully be up soon.  Until I can get that up and running I have added a link to my online web album under Butterfly Eyes Photography_Gallery.  I would love any comments or suggestions. 

Friday I had the opportunity to take pictures of my adorable niece Ainzley.   She is only 5 1/2 pounds.  I loved every minute of it.  I made this itty bitty red tutu for her to wear and it just melts your heart.  Thanks Krystal for giving me the opportunity to take her photos.  I will post them as I get them done.  

Today I took pictures of Amy Hamberlin's new quilt designs.  How lucky am I.  Her work is absolutely beautiful.  I am so excited for her.  She is taking 3 new quilt patterns to market in the next week to come.  She is naming her quilt pattern company Kati Cupcake.  To die for.  I love it.   I wish the best of luck to her and her business.  If you haven't been to her quilt shop in Rigby you have to go..The Quilt Shoppe.  She has to best talent of putting fabrics together and helping you see things in a new, fun, fresh way.  Amy I hope you don't mind if I put your picture on my blog, I think you are absolutely beautiful.  

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lame I know...No blog for 2 1/2 weeks.

No I haven't jumped ship just yet on blogging.  I have been busy these last few weeks sewing, taking photos, and more sewing.  I pulled out my Olivia's baby quilt that I started before she was born and decided that I should probably finish it only 5 years later.  I have also been sewing some way fun strip quilts for the twins and then of course the other two said "We want one too" so off to the fabric store to make sure that I have enough fabric to go around again.  I will post some pictures shortly of my projects.

Yesterday I went to the elementary for kindergarten roundup for Olivia.  I can't believe that she is going to be a kindergartner.  She has turned out to be the best little girl.  Maybe a little bossy at times to Harrison but very helpful.  She is so excited, she keeps asking "When do I start at the kindergarten school?"  I signed her up for cheerleading for the summer.  She loves to dance around everywhere.  And when she dances, she really dances.  She puts on this face that she means business.  She sticks her lips out and raises her eyebrows and off she struts her stuff.  I have often found her boogieing at many public places, like the mall and Target, and she dances without any cares.  When she was littler, like even last summer, we would joke in the family that we have our own stripper cause all she needs is a pole.  

Sparkle Photography is now open for business!

I finally decided to start my photography business.  After several years of toying with the idea it is finally time to just do something about it.  Sparkle Photography is the name I have chosen and I am really excited.  So whenever you are ready to get some new photos of your loved ones or even yourself call or email me for an opening and prices.  I can do whatever you need.  I have done many maternity, new born and of course baby and toddler sessions.  I am working on setting up my website to showcase my work.  My new email is sparklephotography@mac.com and my number is 208.709.1888.  Can't wait to hear from you.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Organizers for hire.

Oh happy happy day.  The joy of your babies growing up and helping out with the chores.  I've got the best organizers anyone could ask for.  They are out for hire incase any of you are looking for a very personalized taste.  They specialize in tupperware drawers, boxes of paper, bathtub toy baskets, books, oh yes, books, dog food, dog water, blankets, folded clothes piles, neatly rearranging your other kids very special toys,  oh the possibilities are endless.  Custom projects may cost more depending on size.  

When ever I get the camera out and sit on the floor all I can hear is pat, pat, pat.  And charge here they come.  I love it.  They are so curious and want to be where ever I am.  I love the shots of them up close and a glimpse from my view.