Friday, September 26, 2008

Man where does the time go....

I still can't believe that summer has come and gone.  Buying jackets and boots...wait a minute did I just write that.  I know it can't be happening. 

Well to get started with what's been happening at our house I had really good intentions to learn how to can our home grown green beans.  I went to Rush's and bought the top of the line canner and I was ready to go.  Then I waited for more beans to come to have a good batch and then I lost that cannin' feeling.  So the ziploc bag of beans sat in the fridge for quite a few weeks and waited and waited.  Then I thought I would bottle peaches.  Hummm yeah right.   I bought a whole bunch of peaches in Brigham and brought them home.  And they are still sitting on my counter as we speak.  Good idea but no time.  

I currently have the sewing fever.  I am finishing a few quilts that I hope that can be ready for christmas presents, I learned how to sew a zipper in a little bag (which is my diaper pouch for my purse, I'll take a picture and post later), I've got aprons to sew, a new "dolly" bag for Olivia to get goin' on, and oh yeah a few other quilts.  The best of all is that I am attempting to sew new drapes for my dinning room.  Fancy ones, oh no not just your average tab top drapes that I already currently own, but ones with tassels.  We'll see if they turn out I show you.  

We already have our Halloween costumes picked out and this year Olivia is going to be a pink cowgirl, Harrison is going to be a hotdog, Maxwell is a dinosaur, and Isabella is a cute bumble bee.  We tried on costumes today and they are pretty darn cute.  

Olivia and Harrison started Terri's Tavacci Singers this last week and so far are loving it.  Their first performance will be for the festival of trees.  You are all invited to see them...if they have the guts to be up in front of a lot of people.  Olivia is still in cheer and constantly makes up her own dances daily.  

Well more rambling later, my bed is calling me.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Photography Website

A personal goal of mine was to get my own website. Silly I know but is was. So I finally did it. And you can check it out Here.  It has been fun putting it together.  Something really simple not too fancy.  Just a place to view my work.  Thanks for everyones support.  

First day of Preschool

Harrison is going to preschool.  I have been a little worried about him because the few weeks prior to preschool he would make comments that he doesn't want to go to preschool.  He is so tender hearted that sometimes the littlest things make him get teary.  So when the morning came to go I talked to him to try to prepare him that I was going to leave and come back in 2 hours to get him.  When we got there he was a little quiet and wouldn't let go of my hand to walk on the rope with the other kids to class.  So I walked with him there and when we got inside I told him good bye and that I would come back and get him in just a little bit.  He didn't even flinch.  He started to take off his backpack and sweatshirt and was ready to play.  Shewwwww!  He turned and told his teacher that he was going to be there for 2 hours.  I guess he was really listening.  



Gotta look cool for school!


Coming back from school wasn't as scary so he held on like all the other kids.


And does this face say, "I think I liked school?"

Yeah I think so too.


First day of Kindergarten.

ell Olivia has officially completed 2 weeks of kindergarten and seems so grown up already.  She is in the afternoon session and on her first day we all walked to school and she insisted on pushing the twins.  She is definitely very independent and has to do things her way whether you like it or not.  On her first day they just had a short scavenger hunt around the classroom to help them get used to where things are.  Pretty important stuff.  When she came home she said that the boy who sits next to her is kind of mean and isn't very nice to her.  Great boys hitting on her already.  Everyday when she would come home I would ask her if this boy was any nicer that day and she would usually say no, or yeah a little bit nicer.  One day she said that he put up her chair for her.  And one day she said, "I think he is learning to be nice."  She is such a sweetheart with a little bit of sass in her at home.  

She is also so ready to learn to read.  The whole first week of school she would say that she could read a certain book and when I would have her read it to me she would say the words and when I would ask her what one of the words were she was stumped.  Hummmmm!!!  What I think she was really doing was memorizing the story to pretend that she was reading.  Stinker.  She is getting better at recognizing words though.  Only time until she is reading my secret notes.  

She is taking cheerleading this fall and comes home and puts on quite a show.  Kicks everywhere.  In her younger years she has been known as the pole dancer of the family.  Gotta love that confidence.  




Today when we came home from church Olivia said, "Mom I'll take care of the babies and feed them lunch so you don't have to."  What who are you?  All of a sudden you are so big.  I recently go a fabulous calling to serve in the nursery in our ward.  Like I don't get enough kid time as it is they thought I needed some more time with babies.  But I will stick with it a just get as much time with my own 3 kids in nursery.  Yes 3 of my kids are in there at the same time.  Lucky me.  So she probably could tell that I was a little tired and stepped up to help.  Thanks Liv.