Saturday, August 2, 2008

Long Time

Wow it has been a long time since I posted last.  Our summer has flown by.  We have spent a few weeks down in Utah at my parents house doing all the fun summer stuff.  We went to Hogle Zoo, Lagoon, twice,  and of course SHOPPING!  I can't believe that Olivia is going to start kindergarten in only 3 weeks.  My growing up.  We bought her some cute school clothes and she got her back to school haircut now all we need to know is who her teacher will be and what time she goes.  She is already starting the count down.  

Back to Lagoon.  Olivia had the best time.  She is only 5 but is tall enough to go on all but the Samari ride.  She went on the Colossas with me twice, the old white roller coaster, and wild mouse.  She loved the bat roller coaster and we had to go three times in a row and wait for the front.  Oh it was so fun.  I even tried out the new Catapult ride.  I loved it.  A human ball in a giant sling shot.  Olivia decided to sit this one out.  Although after I was done she was begging to go on it.  Next time babe.  

Be sure to check out my Photography Blog.  I have posted some fun pictures there of what I have been busy doing.  or there is a link to the right.  Oh does anybody know how to make a link in a post here.  Like above.  I have looked and no luck.  Please help.