Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let it all out!


I know honey...Mommy feels the same way!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Blog remodeling

Sorry I am trying to do a little remodeling.  Hopefully be back to normal soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bloggity Blog...

I've decided that I am a bad blogger.  Life right now just doesn't allow for free blogging time. And if I do have a free moment all of my little ones follow me like my groupies and hang all over me and sit on my lap or hang from my neck or dance on my desk and kind of make it impossible to even see my computer let a lone type the right words.  For example right now my arm is being tapped and my chair has 1 5 year old and a 3 year old on the back half asking for a banana and wanting everything they can't have.  Can you hear me laughing out of almost going insane?????????  Oh and the other two are destroying my office and oh maybe breaking glass or ripping papers...I don't know I can't see because of the two monkeys on my chair.  I have almost given up on this darn thing they call blogging.  

Yesterday we rode our bikes all over town it feels like.  I could hardly move this morning when it was time to get up.  I am trying to loose a few pounds and so our new mode of transportation is our bikes.  We rode to the zoo and then walked around for hours on end.  It actually felt nice to be outside and get some exercise.  My babies are the best anyone could ask for.  They just know that I have a lot going and don't really ask for much.  As long as they have food and water they are good to go.  Isabella had a nap in the bike trailer on the way to the zoo and Maxwell had a nap on the way home.  Of course I had to take a bazillion pictures.  Here is one that is so cute.  Two brothers holding hands.

How cute is that.  I love it.  Harrison has been a great big brother.  Of course he has his moments of not being the baby anymore but he is learning to share and love regardless if one of the twins hits him or takes his toys.  You are a good boy Harrison I Love You.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super Cute Family

This family was a blast to work with.  They have 7 kids and full of fun.  {Doesn't she look great for 7}!!  Here is a sneak peak of the beautiful family they have.  More to come.  Blogspot just doesn't do justice for the beauty of the real picture.  For some reason they look a little washed out. Sorry.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Work in Progress

These last few weeks have been really busy.  I have been trying to finish up on Ainzley's pictures and a few other photo shoots.  Here is Ainzley's birth announcement.  Doesn't she look so peaceful:)  What could be more fun than this.  

I also got a new lens this week and have been practicing like crazy.  Here are some sneak peaks that I got.

These are just a few of the neat pics that I have gotten lately.  I will post more later.  

I can't believe how big the twins are getting.  We went to the park tonight and Isabella is such an independent girl.  She climbs up the stairs all by herself and goes down the little slide on her tummy all by herself.  Max on the other hand is just fine driving the metal steering wheel going nowhere.  Totally different.  We are having a little bit of sibling rivalry around the house lately.  They are starting to fit over toys and Isabella will just walk up and steal the bottle out of Max's hands if she doesn't have one.  On the other hand she is such a sweet heart too.  She will bring Max his blanket when they are tired, and she listens better than Maxwell does.  His favorite things to do are 1.  Play in the toilet.  One day I found both of them elbows deep playing in the toilet together.  And one day Max was flushing the toilet with his left hand and shoulder deep with his right hand down the hole.  Boys what joys.  2.  Pulling all of the books off the book shelf.  3.  Digging like a dog outside in the dirt and throwing it on top of his head.  

Olivia and Harrison are growing up so fast.  On saturday we got Olivia a new bike. One with gears and hand breaks.  And she did great for being only 5.  She just took off and drove that bike like a pro.  She has been on her new bike every waking minute of the day.  And wants to go on family bike rides every time I turn around.  We rode our new bikes to the new Tauphaus park on Sunday and she didn't even complain that it was too far.  In fact she rode her bike for ever even after we got home.  

Harrison is the sweetest boy.  When ever you ask him to help you he always answers with a "SURE"  and runs off to do what you have asked him to do.  He is learning to share his toys a little better with the twins.  However we have a little problem on our hands.  On saturday I noticed a big black and blue bite on Max's arm.  At first I thought Isabella might have bit him because she has bitten me before on the leg.  I put him arm up to his mouth and it could have been himself it did kind of matched.  Later that day I asked the kids if they knew who bit Max and Olivia said, "Harrison did it I saw him."  Olivia has had a little bit of a fibbing problem lately so I didn't know if I should really believe her. So I interrogated Harrison and at first he flat out denied it and as I pushed he finally caved and admitted to it.   When I asked him why he just says, "Cause".  It must be some jealousy coming out or Max has some of Harrison's toys and is definitely getting the raw end of the deal.  

We are doing 8 am swimming lessons this summer.  We started last week and thankfully we have only 4 more days.  I just can't even function the rest of the day after getting up at 7 to get myself decent and Olivia out of bed.  It just isn't natural.  Never again...8 am lessons.  Olivia also started cheer lessons for the summer to see how she likes it to continue for fall.  I don't think I will ever be able to get her out of them now.  Every day she asks,  "When do I have cheer next."  (Like the minute we leave the studio.)  Oh the things we do as parents.