Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rockin' Babe!

It's amazing how fast kids grow up. Tonight when I was editing these pictures my husband asked, "Who is that...Is that Isabella?????" He couldn't believe it. He almost didn't recognize her. Granted he sees her everyday and maybe the hat threw him off, but still she's not one of our babies anymore. I attempted to take some of Max also but it just wasn't happening. We were running out of light and time, so maybe tomorrow he will be our rockin' dude?!





Nikki and Cameron said...

Holy cow..I am with Matt I didn't even realize this was her either! She looks so grown up, love the hot pink and black.

Kellee Smith said...

I think you are so lucky to be shooting in IF. There are SOOOO many amazing locations up there. My parents live in the area and every time I am up there I just grit my teeth because there is something amazing everywhere I look. Your photography is great. I enjoyed looking over your blog! Just wanted to say "lucky you"!