Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brand New Baby Wanted and More Classes.

Tonight I made a splurge of a purchase. Of course, it has to do with another photography prop. My husband either rolls his eyes or laughs every time I come home with another old {new} treasure for myself. I thought about taking a picture to show everyone, but I would rather it be a surprise with an actual baby inside. So now that I have you wondering what this fantastic new prop is...listen on.

So here's the deal...I am looking for a brand new baby to help me play with my new prop. This new babe needs to be less than 2 weeks old. I don't know any expecting mothers who are ready to pop so if you are or know someone who is send them my way. I will offer you a smokin' deal of a photo session. Let me reassure you, you will not want to pass this one up.

I am still going to post some before and afters of my photoshop class it just has to get in line. We had a great time and I love to see what everyone has been doing.

More Classes

I am thinking about teaching a basic photography class and another advanced photography class. If anyone out there is interested let me know so I can actually get serious about it. This time around we are going to have some fun prizes, like maybe a fantastic Lastolite Tri-Grip reflector or even a Expodisc for doing a custom white balance. So if you want to take a class and want to get started in on the fun, blog about me on your blog {get one entry} and put a link back to me so we can spread the word {get a second entry}. Get the idea? Leave me a comment about who you are and we will get a drawing going. Once we get enough people ready for a class I will draw a winner! (Also tell me which prize you would want.)


Nikki and Cameron said...

Dang I wish my little guy was here to be your guinea pig baby! I am dying to know what your new "prop" is. Come on people get this lady a BABY!

Aubree @ The Weathered Cottage said...

Hi! I'd love to take a class. Are you in or around Idaho?? If so, I DO have a baby for you who will be due around Aug 30th.

Mollie said...

I would love to take a photogrpahy (and photoshop) class from you. Your style and talent are incredibly amazing!

I like to dabble in photography, but everything is self taught. I have never taken any classes before. However, an advanced class would probably be best for me. Feel free to check out my blog at

Mommas Soapbox said...

I love the colors in your photos!