Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Love and Don't Miss Out.

First the Baby Love Part:

Almost 2 weeks ago my friend Ali came over and we took some fun baby pictures. I love to experiment with the babes cause they usually don't complain too much. Between Ali and I we have 8 kids. So imagine 7 kids running around, one dog trying to be in on the action and then the newbie trying to fit in. We managed pretty well. Thanks Ali for letting me use your baby to get that photography fix..You're the best!





We're so glad that captured this little dude when we did cause Ali said that he gain a whole pound in one week and is chunking out. That's a good reminder...Make sure you schedule your photo shoot with in the first 2 weeks of the newbie's life to make sure you get that baby fresh look.

Next the Don't Miss Out Part:

For the sake of my family blog I am now only going to post photography shoots on my photography blog from now on out. So don't miss out and add it to your list.


Aj's crazy days said...

What a beautiful baby. Your pix are always G to the E to the orgous. You are so talented. Olivia looks so grown up in the St. Paddy pix. How did that happen? Love the new heading on your blog. Your kids are beautiful.

Piano Mom said...

Your pictures all look fantastic! Hope life is treating you guys well. Maybe we'll catch you at the Halling reunion?!

Hilary said...

what gorgeous pictures. Parker is adorable and Ali is beautiful...