Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Boy and his Thumb.

I was working on some pictures tonight and had to post this one. 


This is a classic look we get from Maxwell. Thumb in mouth with blanket, usually covering his hand under his nose. Max didn't even suck his thumb as a baby, he took a binkie. We took his binkie away shortly after he turned one. No problems what so ever. Well 6 months later, thanks to our lovely daughter who loves to play house and has multiple babies...had a real binkie she used for "her babies", left one laying around and guess who found it. Yep Max, and he started sucking on it. Well I quickly threw it away and then a little bit later he started sucking on his thumb a little bit here and there. As the weeks went on I noticed it was more frequent and not just when he was sleepy. Now he sucks his thumb all the time. I've tried putting the yucky stuff for nail biting and he just sucks it off. So now I don't know what to do with him. He has old man thumb syndrome, it's all wrinkly. So at least I have a picture to remember this phase, which I hope doesn't last forever. Any suggestions out there????? I'm open to many.


gramma dee said...

Gramma's picture frames are crying for some updated photos, these would we fantastic. Harrison actually graced you with his blue eyes and his fantastic smile, how lucky is that?!? Olivia is the perfect model, her love for her mom comes shining through as she patiently awaits the click of the shutter. What a setup, all that talent AND outstanding models to boot. You never cease to amaze me my darling daughter.

gramma dee said...

I would love to take you classes, wish I was close enough.

Amy Hamberlin said...

okkay...this is going to sound awful, but my mother stuck my thumb with a straight pin, the first time it was just a little stick, no blood. The second time, she drew blood! Yuck... I remeber I told her I hated her, I think I was about four and a half. Just about to head off to kindergarden. Well I never sucked my thumb again. However, It's the first memory I have of my mother...and it's not the greatest one. I can laught now, but I wasn't happy about it then. Just wanted to share. I'm not saying it's the right or wrong thing to do. I might do it if I were desperate but, he's still young. It's kinda cute! He'll grow out of it!